Saturday, March 13, 2010

nutrition grade for the day = B

Bike 60 miles - Out and back to Johnson City
[3:44 total as negative split 1:54, 1:50]
The route today was an out and back from Fitzhugh/290 to Johnson City and back. This was really an ideal ride - little traffic, rolling hills the whole way, one road with no turns, beautiful scenery and sun. Endurance Nation coach Patrick rode with me on the way out and then took off to hammer the way back.

Brick Run - 3 miles at Town Lake
First mile: ugh. Second mile: holding on. Third mile: ugh. I felt like I wasn't moving and couldn't move my legs, but my pace wasn't too bad. These brick runs are never a fun way to end the day.

My goal was to have good nutrition on the ride so I would feel good on the run. See yesterday's post for my menu. I did pretty well but not perfect so I give myself a B for the day. I had enough calories and didn't feel bonky, but I didn't drink enough water. I had only about 32 ounces during the ride and some water in the car on the way to the run, but as I was running my mouth was very dry and my legs had that dehydrated burning feeling.

I still got the work done, and stayed strong for a negative split on the bike so all in all this was a successful day.

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