Thursday, August 10, 2006

4 1/2 weeks to go

[8/10/06 Thursday]
Swim - 1.2 miles, 40:45 - Lake Monona with splits: 18:52/21:52
Run - 20 miles, 3:06, 9:15/mile pace - One loop of the Arboretum and one loop of the Ironman run course

I have had my mind on this workout for the whole week. Would it be possible for me to do a long brick including a 20 mile run just a few days after racing a half ironman? The answer to that is yes. Before starting the run, I was having doubts about what my legs could do. After 3-4 miles in, I started feeling great as though my legs had forgotten about the half ironman. I ate three gels while I was out there, but my stomach would growl for real food every once in a while. I ate part of a bagel and a banana before starting the swim, but this was not enough. My legs began to hurt for the last 5 miles and I was envisioning them as flames beneath me. I didn't look down to see if they were still intact. They must have been because I finished at a great average pace.

I went home, ate some plain yogurt and toast, showered, took a power nap for 10 minutes, and it was time to go to work. I took my ice packs with me and a whole bundle of food to get me through the rest of the day. It feels good to know that I am able to recover and bike to work after a long run like that. I can remember a time when I would have been unable to walk after running 20 miles.

4 1/2 weeks until Ironman. Exactly one month from today. I have one more week of hard workouts and then I taper.

[8/9/06 Wednesday]
Bike - 25 miles, 1:37, Ave Sp 15.7
Massage - just legs

This was my first time back on the bike since Steelhead. I have gotten obsessive about keeping my bike clean and I felt the need to give it a basic wash at 6 am before going out. I don't like it when the gear shifters are slightly sticky with Gatorade remnants and there is dirt and sand in the cassette and deraillieurs. I love my bike.

[8/8/06 Tuesday]
Swim - 2700m, 55:40
Run - 5 miles, 44 min

For a change of pace, I went to the Middleton public pool to do my swim workout today after work. It is fun to swim laps in a pool outside. I followed this up with a quick run through the Arboretum. It was a beautiful day and I looked forward to my workouts all day at work.

[8/7/06 Monday]

[8/6/06 Sunday]
Bike - 60 minutes spin class, easy recovery

I felt stiff and sore waking up this morning. I spent 6 hours in the car driving home after the race yesterday and was in need of some easy recovery. This is going to be a tough week ahead and I need to get my legs ready for it. I went really really easy in the spin class today. I hardly had any resistance on the whole time, even when we were supposed to be going up "hills". After the class I went to the hot tub at the gym to stretch and massage my legs. I definitely felt better after doing all this than before.