Saturday, March 06, 2010

Epic day

Run 8 miles with 5k race
[61 min total]
5k result: 21:25 as 6:59 (mile 1, gradual incline), 7:22 (mile 2, hilly), 7:04 (mile 3.1, gradual down, average HR 161, max HR 170.
I did a 2.5 mile warmup jog with some pickups to get my legs moving, then jumped into the Texas Independence Day 5k for my week 4 run time trial. The course was an out and back on Congress Ave with some hills around the Capitol building. I started out hard, went hard in the middle, and finished hard :) I was the first female finisher!

Although it feels like less of a victory since the competition wasn't too great, it was my first experience of being the first finisher of a running race. I was first for the entire second half and people were cheering for me "go first woman!" along the course. I felt fast and focused, and imagined that I was first in a big race. I imagined a close competitor trying to chase me down and pushed myself to the limit to stay in front. I couldn't have asked for a better scenario for my run test. After the race, I cooled down with 2.5 miles on the trail, happy and satisfied at the work done this morning.

Swim 1 mile
[29 minutes]
Moderate pace continuous pool swim. This swim wasn't on the training plan but I want to get more accustomed to swim volume so I added it. No big deal, just time in the water.

Pure Austin Fitness Expo
- Kettlebell class
- Agility and conditioning class (plyometrics) with ex-pro football player
- TRX System class
- Hip-hop dance cardio class

I look forward to this event each year because Pure Austin offers a sampling of back-to-back classes and workshops all day long, with free food and prizes. It's a fun time to hang out with all my gym friends, try some new things, and meet new people and instructors. The morning started off with a turkey and egg breakfast burrito which was perfect after my run. I had two cups of coffee, which I normally don't drink, so I was super pumped up and caffeinated all day.

The kettlebell session was more like a demo than a class, but I learned proper technique on KB swings and turkish getups. I asked the trainer about my KB clean form after the class and he proceeded to bash Crossfit for the way they teach people to do it. Arg - never can get away from the controversy of that place.

The conditioning class was a good workout - lots of jumping exercises, squat holds, burpee broad jumps, high knees running - the type of stuff that is bread and butter Crossfit warmup.

Next up: TRX class. The TRX is essentially a strap with handles attached to a fixed overhead anchor. You hold the handles and do a series of upper body and core exercises on it. It's all body weight, so it gets hard quick but everything can be scaled based on the angle that you hold yourself. I learned some new exercises in this class and look forward to incorporating these into my strength workouts. I won a free session with the TRX trainer so I will personally get my butt kicked on this stuff.

Danielle convinced me to try the hip hop dance class with her and I agreed. I secretly admire hip-hop dancers and have been thinking about taking a class anyway. I'm a bit uncoordinated and clumsy about body awareness so I have some fear about it. I decided to go in there, stand in the back away from the mirror and just have fun. It was outside my comfort zone for sure, but it wasn't as scary as I thought and now I feel like I want to give dance another try.

This was an epic day. It was not an epic day as in a painful 8 hour Ironman training brick where I come home dead and grumpy. It was an epic day of 5k victory, running fun, random fun, friends, new exercises, and free food. Days like this renew my love for all things fitness.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Stelvio Pass

Swim 3200yd
- 300/400/300 w/ 20 sec
- 8 x 100 at 1:30 w/ 20 sec
- 6 x 50 as 25 fast/25 easy
Early morning outdoor swim today with pink sunrise and steam rising off the water. This is life in Austin. My arms were screaming since hardly 12 hours had passed since my hard swim last night. My warm oatmeal and hot tea tasted extra yummy this morning.

And this is life in northern Italy... Stelvio Pass... 22km with 7.5% average grade and stunningly beautiful! I am thinking about going to bike this after the Ironman training is over.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Swim TT+

Swim 3000yd with 1000yd time trial
[54 min total,
1000yd in 15:03 as 7:29/7:34
Average 100yd (T-pace) = 1:30]
I was really happy with this time trial! My upper body feels so strong and my stroke felt clean. I have so much more upper body muscle from Crossfit, I know this has to be helping me. I started to get foot cramps at the end and was able to relax through it and not let it affect the test. I sometimes get these if I am dehydrated going into the workout, and sometimes they are worse than other times. My pace during the TT was equal to a 1:04 Ironman. I was going hard, but I know I could have maintained this for longer. After today, I feel great about where my swimming is at.

Assisted pullups
80 reps of each of those is no joke. Nice job Margo.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

massage day

Run 5 miles easy
[43 min]
Out of bed and out the door for an easy wake-up jog around the Shoal Creek/Great Northern loop. I wasn't too sore from that killer Crossfit when I woke up but got more sore as the day when on.  I was very grateful that massage day had come around and I would be on the table later in the afternoon. Ouch glutes, ouch IT bands.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

bike tt + marley

Bike 75 minutes with 40 minute time trial
[1:25 total riding, 24 miles,
WU: 10 min easy, 3 x 30 sec hard (1 min), 3 x 2min hard (1 min), 3x1 min hard (1 min)
MS: 40 min time trial (12.5 miles=19.5avg, HR 152)
CD: 10 min easy]
The purpose of this time trial was to get my lactate threshold heart rate. 152 seems a bit low to me, but I'm not sure how accurate HR can be in a test like this. Without a competitive race to do this, how can I be sure that I really pushed myself to the max for all 40 minutes? Two years ago when I raced an Olympic distance triathlon I remember my average HR on the bike being 162 for 25 miles. When I was climbing during the TT today, my HR was up around 168 but when I was going all out on the flats it would drop back to the high 140s. Maybe my LTHR has dropped a little since two years ago but I'd say it is more like 157 based on what I observed on my watch today.

Pushup Challenge

Crossfit Marley
100 hanging leg raises
100 squat jumps
100 KB swing with 25lb
100 burpees
[35:02 (12:48 for burpees)]
The hardest part of this workout was gripping the bar for the hanging leg raises. My hands hurt more than my abs. The second hardest part was doing the burpees after my arms and shoulders were already toast from the KB swings. A few times I got stuck laying face down in the dirt, arms hurting too much to push myself back up. I feel good for making it through this.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

week 3 done

Bike 2 hours
[1:55, 31 miles, mostly flat]
I went on the Jack & Adams sunday morning shop ride. I know group rides are good for me if I want to get faster, but they are my least favorite type of workout. I am not going to talk about why I don't like them because I would rather remain positive and think about how they help me get stronger by forcing me to push myself to keep up with the pack. Yep, another group ride. Check it off. As I was getting back to town, I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of all the people doing their long runs on the trail...

Week 3 of IM training is done. I feel great. Thank you fish oil. Thank you extra sleep.