Tuesday, March 02, 2010

bike tt + marley

Bike 75 minutes with 40 minute time trial
[1:25 total riding, 24 miles,
WU: 10 min easy, 3 x 30 sec hard (1 min), 3 x 2min hard (1 min), 3x1 min hard (1 min)
MS: 40 min time trial (12.5 miles=19.5avg, HR 152)
CD: 10 min easy]
The purpose of this time trial was to get my lactate threshold heart rate. 152 seems a bit low to me, but I'm not sure how accurate HR can be in a test like this. Without a competitive race to do this, how can I be sure that I really pushed myself to the max for all 40 minutes? Two years ago when I raced an Olympic distance triathlon I remember my average HR on the bike being 162 for 25 miles. When I was climbing during the TT today, my HR was up around 168 but when I was going all out on the flats it would drop back to the high 140s. Maybe my LTHR has dropped a little since two years ago but I'd say it is more like 157 based on what I observed on my watch today.

Pushup Challenge

Crossfit Marley
100 hanging leg raises
100 squat jumps
100 KB swing with 25lb
100 burpees
[35:02 (12:48 for burpees)]
The hardest part of this workout was gripping the bar for the hanging leg raises. My hands hurt more than my abs. The second hardest part was doing the burpees after my arms and shoulders were already toast from the KB swings. A few times I got stuck laying face down in the dirt, arms hurting too much to push myself back up. I feel good for making it through this.

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