Friday, February 29, 2008


- does it take one sunburn each year to remind me to use sunscreen?
- do i keep having things come up that disrupt my training?
- is my life in complete chaos?
- do i sleep with a stuffed animal?
- does positive self-talk only go so far?
- do people cover up their insecurities with big talk?
- do i let it bother me if someone tells me i'm a psychopath?
- are people sometimes in the wrong place at the wrong time?
- do people betray their best friends?
- do i forgive so easily?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

looking to fayetteville

I'm back to the grind in Austin and planning to keep it as my home base for the next two months. It's rough getting back to regular life after a week like last week. My life is pretty easy, but it's nice not to have to think about anything but training. I got my bike all put back together and am ready to take it for a spin again tomorrow. I put on my Zipp wheels so I can give them a try for the first time. I've had them sitting in the closet for two months. My next event is the Fayetteville Texas Stage Race on March 15-16, and includes two road races and a time trial. After the camp I feel more prepared because now I have a clue about how the events work and how to strategize as a solo racer.

And now for a few of my new favorite things -
protein sources: dried tvp eaten raw, nutritional yeast
facebook app: pandora radio
place to swim: barton springs pool in austin
energy bar: luna black cherry