Saturday, May 15, 2010

Horseshoe Bay

Bike 70 miles [4:15]
Around Horseshoe Bay Texas

Mo and I stayed at the Horseshoe Bay Resort as part of a work thing she was doing and it was one of the nicest places I have ever stayed. Seeing people relax made me realize that I never relax. Hearing her colleagues talk about staying up to play mini-golf followed by poker made me realize that training requires that I go to bed early every night and I miss out on these things. It was a reality check on how hard I am working right now. After my ride today, we had a nice lunch and hung out by the fancy pool... no lap, no goggles, no cap, no workout cards, just playing around and lounging. After this weekend - 3 more weeks then 3 weeks of taper.

As for the ride, I put my head down and got 'er done. Nutrition today was reliably good using combo of natural solid foods and EFS products. The scenery was among the prettiest of any of the rides I have done this year. The weather was perfect, and I found out later that it poured all morning here in Austin so I really lucked out on being out of town :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

run swim tacos

Run easy 3.5 miles with 6x30 sec sprint up hill/jog down
Hill repeats the day after my long run... seriously?? I don't usually use running as a recovery for running but I am sticking to my training schedule this week. Amazingly I felt a lot better after this recovery run than before. The hill repeats were short enough to be energizing and not draining.

Swim 3700yd [1:02]
MS: 3x1000, 1x500
This was going to be 4x1000 (60 rec) to simulate an Ironman swim but it started lightening and the pool was cleared halfway through my last interval. I was solid and steady but in the second half I really needed to think about my form in every stroke in order to stay on pace. Based on my pace today, I think I am looking at a 1:05-1:07 IM swim. 1:07 is my current PR.

Then... Torchy's breakfast tacos! (eaten too quickly for photos)

Up at 5:45am for multiple hours of training for the 4th day in a row... I am an Ironman workhorse zombie.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

long run

Run 18.5 miles [2:36 => 8:23/mile pace]
6am, 75 degrees, 70% humidity
Workouts, workouts, and more workouts. This training is a grind. Eat sleep train. I still love my long runs though. I started from my house (in the dark), ran to Town Lake, did the 5 mile loop and returned to my house. It was mostly downhill on the way out, and uphill on the way back. I traveled light with two gels and a flask of water that I refilled at every water fountain available. I didn't take my ipod (unusual for me) and I didn't miss it. I didn't take my watch because it is broken and I haven't gotten a new one yet. I enjoyed being free of "stuff" and just focusing on running. Running without my watch was nice and I think I ended up going faster because I had no idea about the numbers. Perhaps I am faster than I think when I just run on feel. This was a good solid run. It was supposed to be 17 miles but I miscalculated the route a bit.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

one advil to the rescue

Run 5 miles with 3 x 1 mile hard [42 min]
Ugh. I am tiiiiired. My body can't seem to catch up.

Bike 90 minutes with 6x hill repeats
Did 3 x Far West, 3 x Mesa
Experimented with standing vs. seated climb.
It's been a long time since I've done these hills as repeats and am excited to report that I have gotten significantly faster on less recovery than when I did them regularly in 2008. Great workout today. I didn't let myself do less than what was planned even though those bargaining devils entered my head a few times.

Swim 3200yd [57 min]
4x300@4:18, 4:17, 4:15, 4:22 on 5:00
2x400@5:56, 5:52 on 6:30
I went into this swim tired and irritable from being stuck in traffic. I killed it. My arms were strong and I swam faster than threshold for all the repeats. Ok, I admit I took one Advil this morning because I have been feeling lingering inflammation throughout my body. Since I only take Advil as a complete last resort and have probably only taken 15 total in my life, this was kind of a big deal. One little ibuprofen pill has a huge effect on me. Two great workouts today. Hmmm.

Monday, May 10, 2010

chocolates in my hat

Swim 3500yd [1:03]
6x150@2:04-2:07 on 2:30
8x100@1:18-1:24 on 1:45
8x50@0:39-0:43 on 1:00

Bike 45 minutes, hill intervals, trainer

Run 2 miles easy with sprints [18:00]

The countdown begins... 13 weeks down, 7 weeks to go. I surprised myself with the swim intervals today- I haven't done short repeats in a while and I have gotten faster. 1:18 was my previous 100yd PR and I matched that today on several of the repeats without specifically trying to sprint for a PR.

Training is kind of like this classic Lucy clip...  it starts off real nice and manageable when you are 20 weeks out but becomes complete chaos by the end. I'm in damage control mode and am nearing the point where they start putting chocolates down their shirt and in their hats.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Armadillo Hill Country Classic

Bike 108 miles [6:41], road bike, 15-20mph wind
Run 3.5 miles [29 min]

Today I joined the Armadillo Hill Country Classic ride in Liberty Hill TX and did the longest route they offered, 108 miles. The weather was cool (low 70s) and mostly cloudy with a 15-20mph wind. The wind was a factor from the beginning and I kind of dreaded going out because even my car was getting blown around as I drove there. It turned out not to be too bad. Many sections were shielded with trees, and the course changed directions many times so there weren't too many extended periods directly into a headwind.

The aid stations were well-stocked and I enjoyed the squares of PB+J on squishy white bread at every opportunity. I also supplemented my food with Larabar, EFS electrolyte drink, and EFS liquid shot for a total of about 1500 calories and 4 bottles of water.

I met a guy, Andy, around mile 35 and we stuck together for the rest of the ride, working together to draft and taking turns blocking the wind. Later on we joined a larger group of ten riders for more help with the wind. As for the distance, it was easy and enjoyable until mile 45, additional focus was needed for miles 45-75, and I really needed to bear down and concentrate through the discomfort for miles 75-108. I went through a rough patch of near calorie-bonk around 75 but was able to fix it by taking a good big drink of the EFS liquid shot. The strong sweet vanilla flavor of that can be hard to get down and I learned that I may not be able to rely on it for as many calories as I was planning. Solid food is most appealing to me while riding.

After 108 miles I was ready to get off the bike, but was not totally spent. My butt and back were the most sore and my quads were tired, as expected. Next up was an easy pace 3.5 mile run on a flat route around my neighborhood. After the initial stiffness was worked out, my legs felt good. Well, as "good" as they could have. This is a good sign that my nutrition worked. I went into this long day short on sleep and am happy with the solid result.

Post-Workout:: smoothie, ice bath, stretching, rolling, FOOD!

traveling this week

Long Run - 14 miles [1:52]

Swim 4200yd [1:12]
MS: 2x500, 3x400, 4x300 @ 1:30/100 pace


Run - 2x1 mile@7:11, 7:09, treadmill, 5.5 miles total, 45 min

Strength Workout
Chair Dips

Swim 2000yd, 35 min
MS: 1x400, 2x300, 1x200@ 1:32/100 pace


I went to New Orleans for a conference for work on Wednesday and Thursday. I was operating on very little sleep, long days, plane travel, different foods than usual, and standing on my feet for hours. It was very obvious to me how the quality of my workouts depends on a delicate balance of reduced stress, mental calm, rest, and diet. I scrambled to catch up on sleep for the weekend and ended up with 9 hour nights on Thursday and Friday.