Monday, May 10, 2010

chocolates in my hat

Swim 3500yd [1:03]
6x150@2:04-2:07 on 2:30
8x100@1:18-1:24 on 1:45
8x50@0:39-0:43 on 1:00

Bike 45 minutes, hill intervals, trainer

Run 2 miles easy with sprints [18:00]

The countdown begins... 13 weeks down, 7 weeks to go. I surprised myself with the swim intervals today- I haven't done short repeats in a while and I have gotten faster. 1:18 was my previous 100yd PR and I matched that today on several of the repeats without specifically trying to sprint for a PR.

Training is kind of like this classic Lucy clip...  it starts off real nice and manageable when you are 20 weeks out but becomes complete chaos by the end. I'm in damage control mode and am nearing the point where they start putting chocolates down their shirt and in their hats.

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