Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fiesta Wildflower Ride

Bike 65 miles [4:02]
Fiesta Wildflower Ride, San Antonio TX
This was a nicely organized ride and it was a beautiful day for riding. The ride went through rolling farmland just north of San Antonio. There were some spectacular views of wildflower fields, densely blooming with orange or yellow. I saw longhorns, some very woolly sheep, a few random dogs (no bites this time), and lots of green.

The first half was fast and the second half was into a headwind. I thought I might ride 80 miles today but I made a deal with myself that if I went very hard in the last 90 minutes of this ride, I could stop at 65. I did just that, and I passed a ton of people as we were fighting the wind. I got a lot of really solid steady hard riding today. There were rest stops every 10 miles stocked with water and powerade, bananas, oranges, fig newtons, and homemade on-the-spot PB+J sandwiches. I was all over the PB+J.

At the last minutes, Mo decided to come to this with me. She was unsure what to expect since it was her first group ride ever, but she did a great job on the 25 mile route and now wants to do more events like this. Other than a sore butt, she finished feeling good. Yay, Mo!