Thursday, March 04, 2010

Swim TT+

Swim 3000yd with 1000yd time trial
[54 min total,
1000yd in 15:03 as 7:29/7:34
Average 100yd (T-pace) = 1:30]
I was really happy with this time trial! My upper body feels so strong and my stroke felt clean. I have so much more upper body muscle from Crossfit, I know this has to be helping me. I started to get foot cramps at the end and was able to relax through it and not let it affect the test. I sometimes get these if I am dehydrated going into the workout, and sometimes they are worse than other times. My pace during the TT was equal to a 1:04 Ironman. I was going hard, but I know I could have maintained this for longer. After today, I feel great about where my swimming is at.

Assisted pullups
80 reps of each of those is no joke. Nice job Margo.

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