Sunday, March 14, 2010

50 miles on tri bike

Bike 50 miles - Mansfield Dam Loop
This was my first long ride on my triathlon bike since getting it set up and things went well. I was almost 20 minutes faster this weekend than when I did this same ride on my road bike last weekend. I felt comfortable being aero and had no trouble with the saddle. The main adjustment I need to make is getting used to riding standard gearing. I'm used to my compact on my road bike and now I don't have the extra easy gear.  There were a few hills today where I was reduced to a very slow grind but I think I can get stronger by leaving things the way they are. IM Coeur d'Alene is flat and rolling.

Swim 2000yd - MS: 7x150 descend
[37 min]
An easy stretch out swim to get me up to three swims this week. I felt better after I did this than before. It got out the bike cooties.

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