Saturday, March 20, 2010

weekend of trainer

Bike 3:50 with intervals7 min (3 min rec), 12 min (4 min rec), 7 min (5 min rec), 3 x 15 min (5 min rec)
It was rainy, windy, and cold so a long ride on the trainer was the only option. I was supposed to ride the Spokes and Spurs organized ride but it was canceled because of weather. Luckily Pure Austin has a good selection of spinning options on Saturday morning. I took my tri bike in there instead of riding a spin bike so I could get in some hours in aero position.

I started with Matt's 90 minute endurance class from 9-10:30. Then I did the prescribed training plan intervals on my own, and ended with Ryon's spin class from 12-12:45. It was a long time, in one place but people were in and out of the room all morning so there was pretty much always something going on. I broke up the time by getting off my bike to get water, kleenexes, go to the restroom, etc. A few friends came over to chat with me during the middle section.

The intervals were mentally hard because from beginning to end, they add up to 1:38, which is a ton of time to be pushing to Z4 on a trainer. I put my mind in race scenario and imagined chasing or being chased to help keep me going hard. I listened to my favorite running songs and imagined how hard I would be working if I were doing these intervals as run repeats.

Brick Run 3 miles
24:15 (12:50/11:25)
I got off my bike and headed directly for the treadmill. When I first started, it was a strange feeling - my quads weren't tight or sore at all like they usually are but... my kneecaps felt like they might give out. Yes, my kneecaps. After a few minutes it worked itself out. What is up with that tri bike position? With my fresh quads and warmed up heart and lungs, I nailed this run. I can't believe I was able to run that fast after 4 hours on the bike.

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