Friday, March 19, 2010

swim and waffles

Swim 3300yd
[1:07, MS: 3x(4x100 descend,100 easy), 2x200,6x25]
At 6:15am it is still dark. Big Stacy pool is lit by a floodlight, steam rising off the water, lifeguard at his post snuggled up in a thick warm coat. There are a few swimmers already there. It's about 50 degrees and the air feels cold as I strip out of my sweats and into my suit. The cement is cold on my toes. The water feels cold at first but after about 4 laps, I am warm. I go through my intervals, checking them off one by one. I crush the speedwork. It stays dark until 7:15 and the sun has barely come up when it's time to get out.

Waffle Breakfast @ 24 Diner
From left to right:
Veggie Sausages - spicy, quinoa-based, delicious.
Eggs - scrambled, moist, tasty
Waffles - melted in my mouth, homemade texture, maple butter on the side, wow!
This food was outstanding.

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