Thursday, March 18, 2010

anyone want to do my dishes?

Long Run - 14 miles 
1:55 total
7 miles on Exposition/Pecos route, challenging hills - 55:30
7 miles at Town Lake trail, flat and gently rolling, last 3 miles as 3x1200 hard/400 easy - 59:30

I was super fresh and strong for the first half.  I've never run the full length of Pecos but those hills are tough and awesome for training. Things were all going well but in the last 4 miles my legs had some trouble. I have to say, I'm tired. The fatigue of all this is starting to build up. The fastest I could go on the 1200s was about a 7:50 pace. Haha. That's tired. I ate a handful of raisins in the middle and had a bite of almond butter at mile 10. I am really loving the Justin's Nut Butter single serving packets... they are like gels but more calories and not full of sugar.

100 situps
60 tic-toks - bar held with straight arms above head, tilt upper body from side to side using obliques

What's my daily weekday schedule like, you ask? It's kinda like this:
6 - wake up
6:30 - start first outdoor workout - usually run or swim
8 - go to Pure Austin downtown gym to stretch, foam roll, strengthening exercises, shower
9 - eat breakfast and go to work
5 - leave work and drive through traffic to get home or to get to Pure Austin north
5:30 - start second workout
7:30 - go home and eat
8:30 - hang out, relax, pack workout bag and prepare food for the next day
10:30 - sleep

This is the constant grind of the IM training. There's very little time for anything else, even on this "reduced volume" plan I am on. Days with only one workout, or a set I can finish up in the morning are a gift. I need someone to do my dishes and laundry for me. Any takers?

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