Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Bike 1 hour with 2x12 minutes hard
[1:04, 22 miles]
Today I took my tri bike out for the first test spin since getting new wheels, a new basebar, new saddle, and a fitting. Wow, that thing is FAST! Super-dupa FAST! I rode 22 miles in just over an hour and I would only call today's ride a moderate effort overall. Felt DA carbon frame with SRAM Red components and SRAM S80 wheels. I am going to be flying through my races. Wow, I can't believe my setup. I was even comfortable, and more comfortable in aero-position than upright... that has happened to me... um, never.

Dear Felt Tri Bike,
We have had our issues in the past and I almost sold you, but I take it all back. I fixed you up and gave you some love and now I hope we can patch things up. You do exactly what you were meant to do, and you do it well. Here's to some fast racing this year.

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