Monday, March 08, 2010

Sunday Ride

Bike 3 hours: 45 minutes warmup, 60 minutes steady Z3, 90 minutes steady
[48 miles, 3:04]

I rode the Mansfield Dam loop. It was a good strong ride until I started to get hungry...
Nutrition: 1 scoop Clif shot + Nuun, 1/2 bottle water, raisins and dried apples
This was not enough food and I was starving by the end. I added on a 10 minute run because I know I need brick practice, but it sucked the whole time. It was raining by then anyway and I was ready to go home. I got the work in and was done by noon on Sunday.  Week 4 done.

Some days I'm not in the mood for meat, but today I was.. I got dinner at Torchy's Tacos and had one taco with chicken and one with skirt steak beef (!).

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