Friday, March 12, 2010

preparing to not bonk

Swim 3200yd
MS= 4x300, 8x100
Not bad. A touch slow but getting in the yards today.

Tonight I met up with Endurance Nation coach Patrick who is visiting Austin for the weekend. He and I are going to ride 60 miles to Johnson City on Fitzhugh Rd tomorrow morning and then go to Town Lake for a brick run. The weather is going to be perfect so I have a feeling that everyone in Austin will be out.

Here's my food for tomorrow's workout:
1 small banana
2 fig bars
2 tbsp cinnamon peanut butter
I'll also be drinking my water with Nuun tablets.
This might be more food than I need, but my goal is to finish the bike feeling fueled up, and finish the run not hungry. I tend to eat too little on long workouts and end up ravenous and cranky at the end, barely making it home without meltdown. I would like to change that.

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