Thursday, March 11, 2010

smoothie bonus

Run 13.5 miles as 5.5 miles hilly out and back with negative split, 2 miles@7:40 pace, 2 miles easy, 2x1200@7:30 pace (0.5 mile easy rec), 2.5 miles easy
[1:48 total]
Long run days are still my favorite day of the week. It's such a treat to be able to just run... no dealing with the swim or bike gear, just the simplicity of going out with my shoes and ipod. This run went well and I feel strong. I sure do a lot of running under an 8 minute pace these days. It's cool how much faster I have gotten and how this pace feels normal. It's also cool how I can whip off a long run like this and then head to work without needing any sort of extended recovery. Heck, I'm not even the least bit sore.

After my run I went to Daily Juice and got myself a deluxe large smoothie. Mo gave me a Groupon for it, so it was totally free :) I got "The Subliminator": blueberries, banana, coconut water, rice protein, peanut butter. Purple and yummy! I sipped on that as I headed over to Pure Austin for my pushups, stretch and roll session, and shower.

Push Up Challenge
That's 97 pushups!

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