Saturday, February 27, 2010

sun sun sun

Bike 3 hours with 2 x 8 min hard, 1x12 min hard, 2x20 min hard
[~50 miles, Mansfield Dam Loop]
The scenery is beautiful on this ride.... too bad I had my head down hammering those intervals for so much of it... it was no joke on those, that is for sure. I just did the same ones on Wednesday but this time I also had 2x20min and 2 additional hours of riding. I was strong for most of it but lost focus on the last 20 minute interval.

I lost my game in the last hour. I wasn't even that tired, just sort of bored and unfocused. I had to add time to the loop by adding extra miles and I got a little lost so I spent mental energy trying to find my way back instead of pedaling hard. I think I'd be better riding for miles rather than time so I have an incentive to get it done faster. I am a bit disappointed about not nailing this ride but I'm moving forward. At least I got in the time.

Brick Run - 30 minutes with 15 min easy/15 min@marathon pace[28:39 for 3.5 miles (8:11 average pace)]
The run was good. I notice that when I start a run off the bike, my heart rate gets really high at first and my breathing a bit out of control. If I stay with this for about a mile, then walk for a minute or so to get calmed down, I can turn on my running speed as usual. The walking break makes a huge difference for some reason.

During Workout Nutrition-
32 oz water, 2 nuun tablets, 3 scoops Clif Electrolyte, 1 packet Justin's Nut Butter, 100 calorie pack of Girl Scout cookies
I probably could have had more water but this was enough calories to start the run feeling fueled. Breakfast was power oatmeal and an orange.

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