Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wednesday brick

Bike 1 hour with 2x8 min hard/3 min rec, 1x12 min hard
[1:05 total with 2x8min: 2.59mi, 2.61mi, 1x12min: 3.59mi (headwind)]
I did the intervals on the Shoal Creek/Great Northern loop which is pretty much flat. There was some wind today. I averaged around 20mph on my road bike and had to work for it. These were fun. I'm getting into the groove here, noticing that all the workouts have intervals so I get used to doing them. I am getting used to putting out a hard effort, which is exactly what I need to be comfortable with on race day.

Brick Run 30 minutes as 15 min moderate, 15 min mod/hard
[1.85 miles out in 16:14 (8:46 pace), 1.85 miles back in 14:28 (7:49 pace)]
The way out felt like torture - tight quads, stiff back, slightly uphill, headwind. Was I even moving? I started to feel normal on the second half and finished strong.

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