Thursday, February 25, 2010

long run, tacos, and sprained toe

Run 90 minutes: 3mi@9min pace (easy), 2 mi@8min pace, 2mi@9 min pace, 3x1200m hard w/ 5 min
[1:38, 11 miles with first 3 miles hilly, 1200's: 5:31, 5:46, 5:30 (~7:25 pace)]

I was totally psyched for this run because long runs are my favorite workout of the week. Unfortunately my body was not as psyched as my mind. I had GI issues in the first two miles (even though my stomach was empty) and had to stop to find a restroom. I had to walk some and this completely broke up the run and my head got lost. After the rest stop, I was able to continue but.... The 9 minute pace wasn't feeling "easy". I was able to hold the 8 minute pace for 2 miles, but it was definitely feeling harder than it should have. The 1200's were pretty much all out and I know I can run those much faster than a 7:25 pace. My legs are not sore, and they aren't feeling a burn of lactic acid buildup. They just weren't flowing this morning. I was starving after the run and rewarded myself for not giving up by getting some breakfast tacos on the way to work: 3 egg and potato tacos with hot salsa from Taco Cabana, 660 calories.

Oh yeah, and it turns out my toe is sprained. I stubbed my fourth toe on a chair on Tuesday night. It wasn't that bad at first but now it's completely swollen and purple. Luckily it's on the top of the toe so I can still run on it.

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