Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Solid brick

Bike 75 minutes, 21 miles
8 minutes - 2.64 mi = 19.8mph
12 minutes - 4.0 mi = 20.0mph
15 minutes - 4.95 mi = 19.8mph

Brick Run 2 miles, 14:55
Mile 1 - 7:55
Mile 2 - 7:00

I was very steady on my bike pace. My quads are tired but I had a little fire in my belly this morning that got me through it. I went directly from the the bike to the run with one mile to warm up and one mile hard on the way home. I didn't look at my watch at all during that last mile and was shocked to see my pace. I have struggled to hit a 7 minute mile in my run workout intervals lately. I guess I still have some speed in there even when I feel completely dead. This was a confidence builder because it makes me think there is hope for a good performance after I am tapered and rested.

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