Monday, May 24, 2010

dreaming of post-ironman days...

Swim 3400yd, 1:02
10x100 as 50 hard/50 easy on 1:45
6x200 (descend)@ 3:10, 3:06, 3:04, 3:03, 3:00, 2:55
A perfect descending set! Exhibit A that I am good at judging my pace based on perceived exertion. The goal was to get a little faster for each repetition and I did just that, all in a very controlled manner.
Good job Baxter.

I have two more weeks of this insanity before I start tapering. I have two mega-long rides left and one 20 mile run left. I also have the Danskin sprint triathlon, which I am looking forward to just because it's fun. My body is struggling and I need to focus on getting more sleep... 8 hours per night on the weeknights and more plus naps on the weekends. I am irritable a lot lately which I know is a sign of overtraining. Normally I would rest, but in this case I am simply going to hang on to get through the last two weeks the best I can. This week is a slight recovery week with *just* 15 hours of training.

Post-Ironman Things I Am Looking Forward To
Eating less
Crossfit WODs
Real running (no dead bike legs)
No saddle sores
Sleeping past 5:30am on weekends
Going out past 9pm on weekend nights
One workout per day
No stress about how to fit work around workouts
Social life
Time to cook new recipes
Time to play my instruments
Time to look for and buy a house

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