Saturday, April 17, 2010

triathlon WODs

Bike 38 miles, 2:20
360 and Bee Caves Route, ending at Pure Austin north (pool)
MS: 2 x [15min hard, 10 min recovery],  3 x [15min moderate, 2 minute recovery]

Swim 2500
MS: 3 x [100 hard, 200 hard, 100 easy]with negative split
100s=1:29, 1:28, 1:25, 200s=3:01, 3:00, 2:56
47 min total time
The bike to swim transition was harder than I thought it would be. My legs felt like jello in the pool and my upper body was tight. It took about 1000yd to feel normal.

Bike 5 miles, 27 min - pool to home, easy riding in traffic

Run 3.5 miles, 28 minutes
These brick runs are always a bit torturous. They don't feel like running as much as just trying to move one leg in front of the other and get through the time. My legs started feeling marginally more alive in the second half of this.

This was an interesting workout today with the biking-as-transportation and multi-transitions. I wore my swimsuit on the bike and put my goggles and swim cap in my back pocket. All I had to do was take off my shorts and jersey and I was ready to jump in the pool. It was raining on and off all morning, so I was already wet when I got to the pool.


This workout got me thinking about how I could put together triathlon workouts as though they were Crossfit WODs (workout of the day) in order to keep things fresh. Crossfit WODs consist of multiple movements put together in various combinations, with systematic numbers of repeats and rounds, and are usually named after someone. Off the top of my head, a triathlon WOD could be something like this:

3 rounds for time of
[Run 2 miles, Swim 1000 yd]


On bike trainer and treadmill for total distance:
21 min - 15 min - 9 min
Bike hard, Run hard

These are fun to come up with. I could also imagine mixing in actual Crossfit weighted movements between the swim-bike-run. I can't wait to give it a try... perhaps in the off-season so I can experiment.

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