Sunday, May 30, 2010

weekend recap

Run 6 miles with 3x1 mile repeats
[mile splits: 7:06, 7:09, 7:10, total time: 48 min]
Decent mile splits. I had to work for these.

Crossfit SCARS workout
30 kettlebell swing, 25#
400m run
20 box step up, 24"
200m run
20 front squats (i did air squats)
100m run
10 wall ball, 10#
100m run
 20 clean and jerk, 45#
200m run
10 pullups, 10 burpees
400m run
[time: 22:03]
I joined the Saturday morning Crossfit TRIBE group with Bonita, Jon, and my brother Brad down at Austin High School. It's been weeks since I have done a real Crossfit workout. This was a long one and it reminded me how good these are for Ironman mental training. The weighted movements combined with cardio get me into my zone 5 discomfort zone very quickly, while reminding me that I can go there and it's ok. Each movement goes by and you are onto the next one, much like the Ironman day. You focus on what you are doing in the moment, do your best at it, and then move on to the next the exercise (or the next section of the course).

It was Brad's first Crossfit workout and it was tough in the heat but he was a great sport and made it through. I think there is a chance he might get hooked on Crossfit....

Bike 37 miles
Steady riding on road bike, rolling hills, done in mid-day heat
90 degrees with 60% humidity
In these brutal conditions I found that I need 20oz of water with one scoop EFS electrolytes every 45 minutes. I felt decent while keeping a steady stream of that going down, but only had two bottles with me so the last part of the ride got really unpleasant. Riding in this type of heat scares me because I get so hot and it is really imperative to have enough water. This was more of a heat acclimation ride than anything else. I pushed myself to stay steady and keep a good average speed, but I rode fairly close to home, doing laps on a partially shaded road. I am pleasantly sore from Crossfit yesterday and it felt good to loosen up my hips by biking.

Crossfit 1/3 Jeremy
21-15-9 (one round, full jeremy is three rounds)
Overhead squats (i used pvc pipe, aiming for good form on a full squat)

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