Wednesday, June 02, 2010

you gotta dream and you gotta start

Swim 3500m, open water at Quarry Lake
3x750m, 8x100m@1:32-1:36, 8x50m@45-46sec
Last night I discovered that the buoys set up by the pier in Quarry Lake are exactly 25m apart, and there are 4 of them. This means that you can do laps of 50m and 100m straight with no turns! I can't believe it took me this long to realize this, because it is an absolutely perfect setup for long course training. My target Ironman 100m pace is 1:40 and I was well under that on my repeats this morning. Swimming with no turns is definitely harder than in the pool, but now I have the perfect place to practice. Score!

This song has been on my headphones a lot lately. You can dream and hope for anything but you aren't going to get it unless you get over your fear and start. And you will never accomplish amazing things if you don't dream.  What if "Marshall Mathers never picked up a pen?"...

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