Tuesday, June 01, 2010

swimming with heart

Strength Session
30 deadlifts@95 lbs
30 push press@45lbs
40 box step ups@24"
40 situps
20 squats
20 pullups
3 x 30 sec plank (15 sec rec)

Swim 2800m
[51 min, open water at Quarry lake]
3 x 750m @ 13:02, 12:40, 12:33 (30 sec rest treading water)

As I go into the last month of training (Ironman is 27 days away!), it is time to get down to the mental preparations. My head is what will make the difference between a decent performance and a great one.

I just finished reading this inspiring book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A young shepherd travels across the desert from Spain to the Pyramids in Egypt in search of treasure. The story is his journey of following his heart with courage to realize his dreams. The story is timeless and spiritual and it resonates with my journey to Ironman. It has reminded me that each workout I do is a step along the journey and that I need to stay in each moment and to listen to my heart. Overcoming adversity creates satisfaction and creates the self-learning that accompanies the journey. The alchemist reminded the boy that "the darkest hour of night comes just before dawn" and one needs to push through without giving up. This is exactly how I should be thinking about the Ironman run - it is the last and hardest part of a 5 month journey. Success is dependent on staying with my heart and focusing on my dreams until I cross that finish line.

I incorporated some of this into my swim workout today. I swam my first 750m repeat at a comfortable pace not particularly focused on anything. The pace came out to be nothing special. I swam the second 750m thinking about having good form and pushing myself. This one came out to tie my Ironman swim PR pace (1:07). For the third one I focused on good form AND I thought about following my heart to achieve my goals and to be my best self. This one hit my goal Ironman swim pace (1:05). What I learned here is that only when my body, heart, and mind come together in perfect harmony, can I push myself to greater heights. If I want to swim a 1:05, I need to be focusing in this way.

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