Friday, June 04, 2010

right place at the right time

Run 18 miles
10mi@1:26 (8:35/mile), 5mi@38:18 (7:36/mile), 3mi@26:30 (8:50/mile)
[2:31 total]
The goal was to run the middle section slightly faster. Mission accomplished. This was a decent run but it got tough at the end. I went into this run feeling sore from Crossfit. I have gotten to the point where sore muscles are just something to work through during a cardio workout, not a reason to change or not do it. The main effect of this seemed to be that I got crampy and more sore than usual when the fatigue started to set in in the last 3 miles. Of course, this may have also been due to slight dehydration and being low on calories... I didn't feel very thirsty because it was cloudy and I wasn't sweating too much but I know I could have drank more. I had 2 1/2 gels and this may not have been enough. Of all things, my feet hurt the worst. That reminded me that it really is time to make the trek to Rogue to get a new pair of running shoes. Ok, as I write this I am realizing that perhaps there were a lot of controlables that I could have done better on. That said, it was still a decent run.

I watched some Gilbert's Gazelles running form videos for inspiration yesterday ... I used this long run to practice what I saw by paying close attention to quick foot turnover and picking up my knees a bit more than normal. It is always interesting to me that as much as I know about running, there is always a ton more to learn. Learning new technique makes it fresh and new all over again.

I am lucky to be in this place...
I am at the end of a hard 5 month training block and I am at the peak of my fitness. I am not sick or injured. I have not gained weight. I learned how to do my race nutrition. I made myself stick with my training schedule workouts every day even if I didn't feel like doing that particular workout. I have done long repeats, short repeats, lots of repeats of all intensities. I have eaten well and taken care of myself so I would recover. I am confident in my training and I am mentally strong. Things are going smoothly. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to do Ironman Coeur d'Alene coming from this positive place.

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