Thursday, February 04, 2010

Misty morning on the trail

Run 7 miles with 4 x 1 mile fast
[Town Lake loop, 1:01 total, 4 x 1 mile@7:07, 6:59, 7:25, 7:35]
It was cold and misty this morning, and the trail was conspicuously empty. The lake was beautiful and peaceful and relaxing to look at. I warmed up for 3 miles and then did the mile repeats with 2 minutes rest between each. I really died in the second half. My sore quads were the limiting factor there (thanks DT) - I was working under my lactate threshold but my legs just wouldn't move any faster. The small rollers on the trail took everything I had. I was trying for even splits on those, but I did average about a 7:15 pace which isn't too bad.  Song that helped me push myself today: Beyonce, Ring the Alarm (Freemasons Club Mix)

Bike 55 minutes - recovery ride (spin class)
After the run this morning I really needed to spin out the soreness in my legs. I went fairly easy.
Pure Austin Ryon is always entertaining.

Strength and Stretching
3 x 10 overhead arm rotations with PVC (working on shoulder mobility)
20 hanging knee to elbows (not quite able to lift my legs that high yet but trying)
3 x 10 floor wipers with 45lb bar - My first attempt at this exercise. I like it.

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