Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Glorious Rest Day

I usually have one rest day per week, and this week I really needed it. I have had some HARD workouts in the last three days. This rest day was like eating a delicious meal when starving, all the flavors were richer and more alive. A perfect rest day to me is not just not doing a workout - it's also about doing all the extras that help recovery. These are things like getting extra sleep, stretching and using the foam roller, drinking a lot of water, and eating extra nutrient dense foods. I also spent some time today getting ready for the upcoming week of workouts, doing things like downloading new songs for my ipod, researching Crossfit technique, and reviewing recent progress. It's been a good day.

Here's what led me to this rest day:

CrossFit 1/2 "Running Eva" -
5 rounds for time:
400m run sprint
15 kettlebell swing
400m run sprint
15 pullups
[32 min w/ 400s@1:40-1:48]

Bike 45 miles of hills (some super steep and with wicked wind!) [3:15]

Run 12 miles easy [1:46] - legs were heavy after saturday

Bike - 70 minutes with 35 minute time trial on trainer [15.5 miles] - omg this was MAX effort.

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