Monday, March 22, 2010

get my head ready to race

This is the beginning of Ironman training Week 7. The weeks seem to be flying by now. I'm almost halfway there. This Saturday is my first triathlon of the season and the first one I have done in a year - the Champions Olympic distance triathlon in Pflugerville Texas. I need to spend some time getting my gear ready this week, and getting my head in race mode. It's a transition to go from a steady training groove, to being in a head space ready to take on some hard competitors. I feel confident in what I am doing in all three sports, and just need to sharpen up my race focus.

130 Push Ups
Broken up as: 10-35-23-20-15-20-7

Swim 4000yd
[1:11 total time]
4x300 mod-hard (4:44,4:34,4:39,4:35)
4x200 hard (2:59,3:00,3:01,3:01)
6x100 hard (1:29,1:29,1:28,1:29,1:27,1:28)

I got this swim from Terra Castro back when she was coaching me last time I did an Ironman. Her swims were HARD! and I loved them for that. They made me fast. How could you not get faster doing workouts like this? Endurance and speed bundled together to kick your butt. My shoulders were burning by the end of this one but I stayed steady with my pacing.

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