Tuesday, February 09, 2010

randy and red meat

Bike 2 hours (always pushing, zones 3-4)
[1:41, avg HR 123]
I did this ride outside at 7am. It was cold and windy and I could not get my heart rate up. My max heart rate for the whole ride was 140, even with pushing up hills into wind. I'm not sure what was going on. Part of it may have been that I had trouble getting my mind around grinding hard for that long, and part of it might have been tired quads or dehydration. Even though I was happy with myself for getting it done early before work, I need to do better if I want to ride faster.

Crossfit Randy
75 snatches
[15:45, 30lb bar]
I had fun with this workout. It sounds dirty, huh? I thought I would hate this workout but I actually liked it. The infamous snatches. They are hard for me because I am just not flexible to get low into an overhead squat position...yet.  Bonita and I worked on form first using PVC. The goal is to keep the bar close to the body the whole time, shrug and transition at the perfect moment, and not let the bar go forward from your body. It's supposed to scrape your quads, hit you in the pelvic bone, and then scrape your stomach on the way up. I took this workout at a steady pace and did 3 sets of 25. My form started to degenerate around #65 and my shoulder started to hurt. I freaked out. Then I calmed down and ripped off the last 10 with my best form of the day. I like snatches now. Just gotta practice more so I don't forget that.

I ate bison meat for the first time today and liked it. Bison in spaghetti sauce with spinach pasta. Could red meat help my performance? Stay tuned.

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