Tuesday, June 20, 2006

longing for long rides

Bike - 19 miles, 1:10 - including 5 x 6 minutes hard w/ 2 min recovery
Run - 3.1 miles, 26:30 - transition run at moderate pace
Swim Lesson

My legs were plagued with lactic acid leftovers from the Horribly Hilly for this ride but I managed to push hard on the intervals nonetheless. Then, my legs felt dead and sluggish for the first part of the run but got moving faster after the first 12 minutes. I am determined to improve my brick workouts and not let the dead-legged run get to my head.

I am not sure when this happened, but my biking is the strongest right now and my running is the weakest. It was opposite last year. I have come to love riding my bike and getting out in the country away from people and traffic. I feel comfortable and strong on my bike. I look forward to my long rides the most. Hills don't bother me anymore because I know they don't get much harder than anything I have done on the Horribly Hilly ride or in Hawaii and I made it through those just fine. I am gaining confidence that I can manage just about any terrain.

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