Monday, June 19, 2006

HHH results

[6/18/06 Sunday]
Run - 60 min, 6 miles - treadmill/track recovery run
Swim - 2600yd, 50min - mostly drills and technique work

This was a recovery day after the Horribly Hilly ride yesterday. I was a little sore, but not too bad. My plan for today's run was to keep a 10 minute pace and get a sense of exactly what that feels like. Running periodically on the track or treadmill are good for learning how different paces feel. It is hard to know that precisely while outside. Lately I have been feeling out of touch with putting numbers on my exertion levels.

The results are up for the Horribly Hilly ride and sadly, something went wrong with my chip and my time did not get recorded. My watch said 4:51 and that puts me in as the 11th female finisher out of 78. I am really happy with that. All the hill practice I did made a difference.

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