Friday, January 13, 2006

boot camp

Swim - 2500 yards, 46:32 - main set as 2 x 500 with negative split
Strength and Power workout (Monkey Bar Gym) - series of push up, overhead pull, and box step intervals
Ab workout with oblique focus

The boot camp workout at the Monkey Bar was a great way to exercise in a new way that my body was not used to. It was 30 minutes of fast paced intervals, going from station to station, working with a partner. Strength and cardio were worked together. This was my first time doing this class and I had heard how difficult this workout is, so I was kind of nervous that I wouldn't be able to keep up. I guess I am in better shape than I give myself credit for, because I had no trouble keeping up. I think this is exactly what I need to be doing more of to strengthen my body overall with motions that aren't necessarily triathlon-specific. They are the kind of exercises that would probably be useful to someone in any sport. I am not sore yet, but I'm wondering how I'll feel tomorrow.

I swam after the Monkey Bar workout. Sometimes I amaze myself at how I when I start out a workout somewhat tired, after I get going, I feel great and I forget that I am supposedly tired. That's how this swim was today. This was a longer swim for what I have been doing recently, and it felt easier than the one I did as the first workout of the day earlier this week.

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