Friday, June 18, 2010

last week of taper

Rest day and massage

Run 9 miles [1:14] 
35 min@8:30 pace, 2 mi@16:16, 1 mi@7:52

Core Routine
3 rounds of:
20 tick-tocks (each side) with stick
10 med ball twists
30 sec plank hold

Swim 2400yd [38 min]
MS: 4 x 600@9:06, 9:06,9:11,9:24 (race pace)
I'm planning to split up the race course into 4 sections in my mind so this was good practice for that. Section 3 of 4 is always the hardest because you are tired but still have a lot left to go. That's the time when I find it most necessary to divert my mind away from external thoughts and stay focused on swimming each stroke with perfect form. Long and strong strokes. Reach and pull through. Kick even and steady.

Run 5 miles [40:13] with 8 x (30sec hard/30 sec walk)
I did this run in the mid-day heat: 95 degrees and humid with full sun. I used the difficult conditions as a way to simulate the later sections of the Ironman marathon. When my mind thinks I should stop, I keep going. In the case of today, my skin was burning hot, my heart rate was elevated, and I just felt bad in general. However, my legs themselves felt fine, and there was no reason they couldn't keep running. I wouldn't feel much better walking in the heat anyway. It's almost always the case that my mind is ready to stop before my body.

I dropped off my bike at the bike shop today to be shipped to Coeur d'Alene with Tri Bike Transport. For $300 they take care of getting it to and from the race. Pricey yes, but worth saving the hassle of paying to rent a case, pack the bike, pay to take it on the plane, and reassemble it at the race site myself. I've got enough gear to carry around without having my bike.

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