Monday, June 14, 2010

big day at the gym

Strength Workout
Crossfit warmup
5 rounds: 7 deadlifts@95#, 7 push press@45#
3 rounds: 10 air squats, 25 situps

Swim 2900yd [54 min]
MS: 20x100yd@1:25-1:29 (on 1:45)

Bike 55 minutes with 3 x 6 min hard/2 min recover
[did in spin class]

Run 3 miles easy 
[27:20 on treadmill]

This took a solid 3 hours at the gym and then I was done. I didn't have to deal with heat or traffic and all my quality work got done as needed. It was a load off my mind to make it simple today. I hadn't been to the gym in a few weeks and it really lifted my spirits to be back there working out around other people. It makes me realize how isolated, lonely, and monotonous this training has become. Spin class was upbeat and I actually smiled and had fun. I have missed Danielle's class a lot.  How strange when smiling feels weird. This is really messing with my mind.

So... all the workouts were decent today. I feel kind of tired overall but I am going to come back in time to race.

Other things.... I dropped off my bike at the shop for it's final tune-up and cleaning, and I bought all the nutrition products I will need to top off my stash until race day. Working down the checklist.

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