Sunday, May 02, 2010

lots o miles

Bike 91 miles steady riding [5:38 as 2:24 out/3:14 back], road bike

Bike 53 miles with intervals [3:00], tri bike

I did a lot of biking this weekend. Yesterday I joined the Austin to Shiner G.A.S.P. ride, doing 45 miles with them and then turning around to go back 45 miles on my own. The event is a 100 mile point-to-point ride and had 2000 riders, and lucky for them, they had a tailwind the whole way. For me, I had that tailwind only for the first half of my ride. Doing events like this makes a huge difference in getting the work of these long rides done because there are so many people out there to chase and try to keep up with.

Today my ride was all work though - 3 hours on my triathlon bike, aero position, intervals. I went out early to hammer it out on Parmer Lane, and the time actually went by really fast. It was cloudy with not too much wind - excellent conditions. My intervals were 2x15 minutes hard (5 min easy riding), 2 x 25 minutes hard (5 min easy riding). Once my legs were warmed up, I felt great. These are the kinds of efforts I should have been putting out in the race last weekend.

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