Monday, May 03, 2010

good workouts

Strength Workout
30 lat pull warmup (55-70)
30 jumping pullups with controlled down
30 burpees
30 box step ups for each leg (24 inch box)
30 side lunges with 25 lb plate held at chest
20 push press (started at 45, maxed at 55) - no improvement here, status quo
30 deadlift (started at 45, maxed with 15 reps at 75lbs) - yikes, found my weakness here!
40 bench press (started at 45, maxed at 85) - haven't done this one in a while, big improvement
4x30 seconds plank - I should be better at this. Needs work to hold longer.

45 minutes, spin class with: [3x (4x30 sec max/30 sec rest)]

30 minutes, 3.7 miles, treadmill
[10 min@8:30 pace, 10 min@7:20 pace, 5 min@7:40 pace, 5 min@8:30 pace]
The 7:20 pace run was the hardest part of today. I was nearly anaerobic and really had to work with my mind to keep it going. I chose to do this on the treadmill because I knew it would force me to get the workout done as planned, no cheating on the paces.

My renewed warrior mindset went to the test today and I won. When I let myself off the hook by cutting a workout short or doing fewer intervals or going less intense, I am only hurting my own race performance. I need to challenge my body to do things it doesn't want to do when I am training so that I am prepared to do that when I am racing.

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