Sunday, May 02, 2010

ironman race nutrition

I have never nailed my Ironman nutrition in a race, but I think this time I have it down. Proper nutrition is so crucial to having a good race. The distance is just too long to wing it, and if you make a mistake, you are going to suffer. I have practiced this two weeks in a row and is working! Here is the plan for Ironman race day:

Breakfast - oatmeal with protein powder, flax, almond butter, banana, green tea

Pre-race - Justin's PB squeeze pack, PowerGel (chocolate w/ caffeine) - 300 calories

Bike - 2000 calories and 6 bottles of water as:
Solid food mix - fig bars, raisins, raw dates, almonds, Larabar - 1000 calories
FirstEndurance EFS Electrolyte drink - 200 calories
FirstEndurance EFS Liquid Shot (diluted in one water bottle) - 800 calories

Run - 1000 calories and water every mile
100 calories every 3-4 miles as gel or whatever looks good at aid station
Alternate water/Cola at aid stations

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