Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nelo's and TrevAthlete

Bike 68 miles, 4:10
When the sun came up at 7am, I was out the door on my ride this morning. It's been so windy lately, getting stronger as the day goes on, and I wanted to beat it this time.  There were no cars on the road that early, which made for some nice riding. I took roads that I could never go on because of crazy traffic during normal hours. The route was my house to Liberty Hill (north of Austin) and back via Spicewood and Parmer and Jollyville. The wind was already out when I got to Parmer at 8am and I averaged about 10mph for at least an hour headed north, but as the morning went on the wind got stronger and lucky me got to turn around. On the way home, I had some long stretches where I was going 30mph and didn't have enough gears to go harder. Wheee!


Nelo's Pro Cycles ( in affiliation with TrevAthlete coaching (  is sponsoring me this year. This is my first sponsorship and triathlon team so I'm pretty excited to see what the year has in store.

I discovered Nelo's shop last year when I was looking for an alternative bike shop to get a tune-up and wheel-truing for my road bike. Nelo's was close to my house so I took a chance on a shop that was a bit off the beaten path... it turned out to be the best tune-up I had ever gotten. The shifting was smoother than ever and the wheels were perfectly true. I like that the shop is casual without hype and egos, but caters to serious cyclists. I was never made to feel conscious about being a "girl in a bike shop" by having my bike knowledge questioned or underestimated. I'm happy to help promote Nelo's. I've tried a lot of shops in Austin and they have the best service and fittings around.

Nelo, thanks for the cool jersey and vest! :)

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