Monday, March 29, 2010

ok, this was a lot of workouts

I did all my workouts back-to-back today for one mega-session lasting about 3 hours in the evening. There was no way cooking dinner was going to happen after that so I took myself out to dinner at Zen Cafe and had salmon, veggies, and brown rice. Yum.

This training is starting to get relentless. I called today a "half rest day" because I only had to work out in the afternoon and not the morning. I look forward to half rest days. Mo thinks my half rest day idea is funny since they aren't really rest days. I look for rest anywhere I can.

Also, I have started to get to the point where I am hungry all the time. All the time. I eat a full meal and then am hungry for another full meal in 2-3 hours. Honestly I am getting a little tired of all the food. I've started eating more peanut butter because it has lots of calories without being a big deal to eat. I'm limiting my starchy carbs, but paleo and zone are out the window.  I don't know how to sustain them with this amount of training and rampant hunger.
 Pushup Challenge
23-25-20-20-25 = 113 total
Still chipping away at this challenge. Now it's a way of life.

Crossfit WOD
3 rounds for time:
21 KB swings (20lb)
12 pullups (green band)
6 burpees
I bet I could move to the black band for less assistance on those pullups.

Swim 3000yd, 56 minutes
Main set was 2 rounds of:
8x50 hard on 1 minute
400 hard
[round 1: 50s@38-40sec, 400@6:02]
[round 2: 50s@39-41sec, 400@6:06]
Shoulder busters. I stayed fairly consistent. The workout actually called for 3 rounds but by the last round I couldn't hold my pace and started to get foot cramps. I let myself off the hook today.

Bike 60 minutes with intervals:
10 min (4 min rec)
12 min (4 min rec)
16 min (4 min rec)

Run 3.3 miles, trail run
28 minutes
Not too bad. I felt best after 20 minutes into it but then I started to get hungry.

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