Thursday, February 18, 2010

good run, not-so-good crossfit

Long Run: 10.5 miles
[3 miles easy, 3 miles marathon pace (8:00), 2 miles easy, 2x1200 hard/800 jog (5:46,5:29)
1:25 total]
My legs felt good and this run was pleasant. I like how Endurance Nation puts the long run on Thursday to save the weekend for biking, and I like how the long run is not just slogging out slow miles. Each part of the run was structured with specific pacing, which made it more interesting and more productive.

Crossfit Chipper WOD
100 jumprope
45 air squats
40 push press (30lb)
35 situps
30 pushups
25 walking lunge (10lb med ball overhead)
20 pullups
15 tuck jump
10 wall ball
5 burpees
All I could do was go through the motions on this. After a long run and full day of work, I just wasn't feeling it. The soreness is building up and my strength is going down. I was feeling irritated with myself about this. The push press and pushups were the hardest. Arg. Some workouts just aren't as good as others.

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  1. Hey Margo,
    Welcome to the EN family! Google Alerts led me to your blog a couple weeks ago, when you first started our training plan.

    Gotta jump in here and say, with my triathlon coach's hat on, I don't think it's a good idea to do CrossFit while you're using our training plan to train for an Ironman.

    I can totally understand having fitness goals that go beyond/are separate from Ironman training. I'm actually doing a modified P90X dealio, as in, I don't to anything that I feel will compromise my cycling and running so I largely just thrash my upper body, as part of my own broader fitness goals. But the conflict/bumping heads you're experiencing between IM training and Crossfit is only gonna get worse as we dial things up on you in the plan.

    Again, totally cool that you have a broad definition of fitness that includes total body strength, movement, etc. However, and Ironman training plan (especially not ours, with lots of intensity) is probably not the best venue for exploring those definitions. I know I couldn't do it, my s,b,r would absolutely suffer for it.

    Good luck!

    Rich Strauss