Friday, February 19, 2010

Bootcamp with Biggest Losers

This morning Mo and I drove to Kyle Texas at the crack of dawn to do a 5:30am bootcamp workout with the cast of The Biggest Loser, sponsored by Texas Fit Body Bootcamp for charity. Since that is my favorite show I was excited to get the opportunity to see the Losers in person and also get the chance to workout with them.  Ok, in the back of my competitive mind I also wanted to see how my fitness compares with theirs after they went through the rigors of Bob and Jillian.  Liz, Pete, Sione, Filipe, and Tracey were there.

Me with Biggest Losers

Mo and I worked out next to Tracey and Liz, and Mo was on a roll cracking jokes with Tracey.  Both of them are the same height (5'2") so they had a bit of comraderie about that. The bootcamp workout itself was ok, but not particularly challenging. Exercises included jogging, pushups, butt kicks, single leg lunging, reverse lunges, side lunges, side plank, tricep dips, stretching. I broke a sweat in the middle but doubt I will be sore from it. I don't think Liz or Tracey broke a sweat.

All the Losers had gained some weight back since the finale of their season, and overall just struck me as normal people doing a workout. Sione and Filipe came in late, like two high school kids late for class. It was all very low key and fun.

Mo with Losers 

..later in the day....

Swim 2300yd, drill focus
[38 min]

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