Thursday, June 29, 2006

hamstring trouble

Bike - 1:11, 18.5 mi - speed workout with 6 x 5 min hard on 2 min recovery
Run - 5.5mi, 50 min - tempo run with a few hard intervals
Swim Lesson

I pushed hard on the bike and run intervals. My right hamstring is tight and sore, which was painful during my run today. It is ok if I go easy, but not at harder paces. This is a recurring problem that seems to happen every time my run mileage gets at or above 25 per week while at the same time my bike mileage gets at or near 100 per week. Yoga class hasn't fit into my schedule in the past few weeks and that usually helps somewhat. I am only moderately worried about it at this point.

[6/28/06 Wednesday]
Swim - 4000yd, 1:23 - main set: 7 x 200 @ 3:12-3:15 w/ 30 sec recovery, 7 x 100 @ 1:36 w/ 30 sec recovery, 10 x 50 @45 sec w/ 15 sec recovery

This was another of those swims from Triathlete magazine that attempt to bring someone to an Ironman PR. It was some good endurance speedwork and was mentally challenging to get through all the repeats in the pool without dying of boredom. The nice thing was that I would start to feel tired and wonder if I could make it through, and then the tiredness would fade a bit and more energy would surface.

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