Monday, March 20, 2006

trying to catch up

here's the quick version of things since i returned from hawaii. i am still getting adjusted to being home and haven't had time to post regularly yet.

3/14 tuesday: run 3 miles easy, bike 60 min, uppoer body weights, abs
3/15 wednesday: swim 1600yd, bike 1:30 outside (23 miles), lower body strength
3/16 thursday: REST Day
3/17 friday: bike 2 x 38 min on mountain bike, run speedwork (36 min) - 1200@5:23, 800@3:39, 400@1:46, 2x200@0:52, 4x100 fast
3/18 saturday: bike 2:01 (two spin classes), abs
3/19 sunday: swim 2400yd, run 6.2 miles very slow

this is about the end of the road for me without some good recovery. after all the biking i have done recently, not getting enough sleep, and not being able to eat completely normally while on vacation, i have run out of fuel. i am on the border of overtraining. at this point, even easy workouts and very slow running spike my heartrate and my legs feel dead. this next week will be all about recovery and getting my nutrition and sleep back in order.

my first race of the season is in two weeks (an 8K run), and even though it is not a main priority i still want to be ready for it.

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