Friday, March 24, 2006

more tired or more hungry?

[Friday 3/24/06]

after yesterday's run crash, i cancelled today's workout. my quads are very sore from that strength workout. my body is very fatigued overall. it is pretty sad that i call myself an athlete but it is a chore to walk up two flights of stairs today.

[Thursday 3/23/06]
Strength workout (fitness test)
Swim 2500yd, 47:17 - main set as 500 kick with fins, 10 x 150 on 2:45
Run 3 miles - easy with some pick ups to 5K race pace

I met with my new personal trainer, Katy, for the first time today. She had me do a fitness test that consisted of:
-maximum number of reps of push ups i can do with good form
-number of squats i can do in 45 seconds
-maximum number of assisted pullups i can do
-how long i can hold myself in a push up position on my forearms (abs)
-time trial for shuttle run: sprint/side skip/walk on fours/side skip/sprint
It was exhausting! I was shaking by the end. Then we went through the whole thing except the shuttle run 2 more times for the workout. It was great because I feel like I will be able to get really strong if I keep doing this stuff. I had given Katy a week long eating journal before we started and she wondered if I am really eating enough.

My swim was good, but then I crashed on the run. I was planning on doing a full track workout with speed intervals but after a quarter mile I got a side cramp and my legs felt deader than dead. I doubted that I would be able to do any decent intervals. I walked a bit, then decided that I was not going to give up. I ran a mile, did 5 fast 1 minute repeats with walking recoveries, and ran another mile. By the end, I felt nauseated. I had planned on doing yoga class after that, but at that point I just wanted to go home and rest so that's what I decided to do. I could hardly walk up to my apartment on the second floor.

Almost more than tired, I was hungry. This is often a dilemma for me... after a workout, i need to determine am I more tired or more hungry? do I have enough energy to make myself a meal at the moment or do I need to take a nap so I have the energy to make a meal? why are there so many places that deliver pizza (which i should not be eating) and so few that deliver something like grilled salmon and steamed broccoli?

[Wednesday 3/22/06]
Swim 2800yd, 57 min - Master's swim class

I spent a good part of this on backstroke. It felt very awkward at first as I was struggling through a windmill motion with my arms. My coach showed me the proper arm motion and rotation, but I'm not sure I quite got it. I know I got better though. I try to think of being efficient with backstroke like I am with freestyle except on my back. If I can figure it out it will be nice to have backstroke as a backup stroke to use during races in case I need to get more air for some reason. The backstroke is less slow than breaststroke to use for this purpose.

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