Friday, February 10, 2006

mind lagging behind body

[2/9/06 Thursday]
Swim - 3400m, 1:04 - 600 free, 400 pull, 400 free, 200 kick, 12 x 50 sprint on 60 sec, 200 pull, 16 x 25 (sprint 1/3, easy 2/3), 200 pull
Bike - 60 min indoor - 6 x (4 min seated climb, 1 min standing climb, 2 min recovery)
Abs (300)

My favorite part of today was my 12 x 50 sprint swim intervals. I haven't done much all-out effort stuff lately and it felt good to see how hard I could push. There was a fast female swimmer in the lane next to me and we were having a bit of an unspoken competition with each other. It is all mental for me when this happens. For much more of my life than I have been athletic, I have been totally physically incompetent. I am slowly getting used to no longer being the slowest/weakest/most-uncoordinated person and not automatically giving up when a close competitor puts up a challenge. I am used to giving up thinking that everyone is faster than me so why even try. My abilities have changed but my mind lags in full comprehension of that. It takes some conscious mental focus to tell my mind what I know is true in the present moment. Things have definitely changed because these days I am swimming in the fast lane at the University pool and comparable in speed to the other "fast" women.

Every cell of my body was toasted at the end of the workout today. My legs were quite sore from yesterday's strength workout, and I managed to pull out two good workouts today anyway. It is funny how sometimes when I feel tired and creaky before a workout, as soon as I get warmed up, my muscles feel better and I am not as tired. Anyway, I crashed into bed at 9:15.