Wednesday, February 08, 2006

building a strong swim base

[2/8/06 Wednesday]
Swim - 2000yd, 37 min - 400 free, 200 pull, 200 kick, 5 x 200 (50E/50M/50H/50E), 100 kick, 100 pull
Run - 2.5 miles, 20:02
Lower body/hips/core routine, Abs (300)

I ran fast today and my knee was ok! What a great feeling that is. With the minimal amount of running I have been doing lately, and with the slow pace, I am happy that I was able to spontaneously run 2.5 miles at just over my recent 5K race pace. This was a good test to know that my fitness is still on track.

Swimming 4-5 times per week is making a difference in how comfortable I feel in the water. Doing 2000 yards frequently seems more beneficial than doing 3000 or more just 2-3 times per week. At this point, 2000 feels like hardly a workout. My arms do not get sore either so I am able to recover completely in one day. Arthur Lydiard is a legendary running coach from New Zealand whose method emphasizes consistency with a slow pace to build a very strong base of aerobic fitness and structural soundness. Though he created his method for runners, I am able to successfully apply it to my swimming. By the time I race Ironman, I want the 4000 meter swim to feel as easy to me as the 2000 does now since I will have a long day ahead of me when the swim is over.