Sunday, February 05, 2006

digestion rollercoaster

[2/5/06 Sunday]
Run - 3 miles, 28:32
Swim - 2000yd, 34 min - main set as 800yd pyramid (13:44): 25 easy/25 hard, 50 easy/50 hard, 75easy/75 hard, 100easy/100 hard, 75 easy/75hard, 50easy/50 hard, 25easy/25 hard
Hip strength routine, Abs (100)

My "long run" of 3 miles went well today and my knee didn't hurt. As long as I continue to hold back on distance and pace, I think I will be back to normal running fairly soon. Overall, my body is feeling a little on the edge of tired and sore so I am looking forward to tomorrow's rest day.

[2/4/06 Saturday]
Run - 2 miles, 18:35
Bike - 2:15, 2 indoor spin classes back-to-back

As I have been increasing the amount of time I am training each day, my food is getting a little messed up. After long workouts like today, I get really hungry and then I eat too much and feel sick. Then some days I eat too little and feel lightheaded. When last season ended, it was hard to go from eating as much as was required to sustain training, to relatively little. Now it is the reverse problem. Eating has never been a problem for me, but now it seems that my body is having trouble digesting larger quantities.

Today's back-to-back spin classes were a pretty big jump in my long bike ride time for what I have been doing lately. Other than the food stuff, I felt fine and had no knee problems, even after running.

[2/3/06 Friday]
Rest Day

Not only did I take an unplanned rest day today, I ate a big bowl of homemade macaroni and cheese, a bunch of chocolate, and stayed up late even though I have a big workout early tomorrow morning. Days like this are sometimes necessary.

[2/2/06 Thursday]
Swim - 2000 yd, 37:48 - main set as drills, 5 x 100@ 1:36, 1:35, 1:34, 1:33, 1:32, 10 x 50 alternating hard/easy
Bike - 1:38, outside on mountain bike - broken into several rides: work commute, bike to gym and back home
Lower body and hip routine, Abs (300)

This was an exhausting day. All the biking as transportation was a fun way to get in a lot of biking without an official bike workout. I pushed pretty hard on my leg routine and can tell I am going to be sore.

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