Wednesday, January 18, 2006

walkers in the pool

[Wednesday, 1/17/06]
Swim: 2600yd, 52:50 - with 700 kick drills, Avg Heart Rate 131/ Max 146

I took the day off from work today and got to go swim early. I forgot that the crowd at the Princeton Club pool around 8am is mostly walkers... very slow walkers, and none of them seem to like getting wet. This morning I was surrounded on both sides by people doubled up in lanes walking. It was hard to do my hard kick sets and not splash anyone, though I tried to dodge them by moving back and forth between the sides of my lane. During the freestyle sets, it is good practice to try to swim without making any splash. I think that if you are in a pool though, you can't be too upset if you get wet. I try to be courteous though, because I have gotten some pretty bad looks.

I don't usually weigh myself, but I did today and I am one pound less than I have ever been... I am down to 136.

[Tuesday, 1/18/06]
Bike (indoor) - 30 min - with 8 min in a hard gear at low cadence
Run - 2.4 miles, 23 minutes - with 2 x 1 mile at 8:25 pace
Bike - 30 min - with 8 min in a hard gear at low cadence
Weights - Chest, Back, Abs

Breaking up the brick into Bike/Run/Bike was a fun way to work out. Biking inside on a spin bike gets a little mentally tough after a while, so this gave me a way to not get bored. Plus, the biking acted as a good warm-up and cool down for the run. Today's run is the farthest I have gone since recovering from my knee injury. My knee was feeling fine, so this is a good sign. Doing weights after the bike/run/bike made this workout get kind of long but I made myself do it. I guess I am getting stronger, because I was able to go up in weight on almost every exercise I did. All in all, this workout was great because the visible improvements I am making at this time of the season make me optimistic for what I am goingn to be able to achieve later in the year.

I gave myself a haircut tonight. My shoulder length hair has been dragging me down and becoming more and more of a pain to deal with before, during, and after my workouts. I cut it to chin length and layered the back substantially. It feels a lot lighter on my head now... maybe that will make me faster :)

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